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Affiliations / Partners / Associates

Direct Contract and working relations on unified projects

See the 5 initial selection of Digital Services Industries that CalTekNet (ctn) will organize and operate in.

CTN will recruit former CTCNet Affiliates to form an initial Network of for-profits
Others include but not limited to:
Vivian Tanamachi / Kenneth Wyrick  Tutortronics DBA
Business Administration Service, Construction Consulting, ICT Services 

Michael Rendler A.I.A. of e7 Architecture Studios
  • Using BlockChain and IOT for Carbon Credit economy.
  • OGC  test bed
  • VCAP model as a viable integrated DATA Solution for how Equity can come online in Los Angeles.
  • Community Science and Environmental Science 
Michael Batie Ph.D. Mobile Math and Science Labs

Ben Caldwell   Kaos Networks

Dr. Erna Wong  Wong International and Pandemic Preparedness Center

Dan Winter  Fractal Field Implosion Group 

Joel Mills  Golden Grid

Terence Latimer  Food Tribe

Dominique Klutz  EditoriaFull Stack Developer Programmer
Josh Santos   OmindappsFull Stack Developer Programmer
Iuri Sampao   IURIXFull Stack Developer Programmer
Hakeem Savage   Linux Administrator and Business Systems
Dr. Randal Pinkett  BCT Partnersmanagement, technology and policy consulting services

Femdel is a Certified Information Technology (IT) and Program Management company

Christine Wacta, Ph.D. in Architecture/Urban Design/Heritage/Landscape 

with focus in Geospatial Information Science 

@ Sorbonne-Paris-Cité & Paris Diderot.

 Architecte D.P.L.G,  

Founder @ GeoEdugaming.Inc

Co-Founder of geoGen LLC.

Director of Operations geoGen.LLC.

Geospatial Designer for Online course development at Ohio University in Athens.

Researcher at EVCAU Lab (Espace Virtuel de Conception Architecturale et Urbaine) Paris, France. 


Program/Project Requirements Guides

Digital Divide Iot localized and in the cloud

Above are a couple of current things that need to be included in the attached organizational documentation (below). I am proposing that we re-establish and or develop A Community Technology Centers Networks (CTCNets) based on CTC's as Catalyst and the eRiders Toolkit (below)
The Narrow the Digital Divide is from the early 2000 and is the type of program feedback we need to establish
CTC's As Catalyst is the establishing structure for CalTekNet. It is a research paper by Dr. Randal Pinkett of BCT Partners. He provides what is needed to develop a digital divide network. As soon as I have resources on the table I expect to solicit him as a consultant and as an associate who has always told me to hit him up. Much of the language and rationale which includes the disabilities aspects is contained in the paper.

The eRider toolkit (attached) is the ICT business support for Community Technology Centers Network (CTCNet) or CalTekNet in California

This starter kit is designed to help organizations understand, design, implement, maintain and sustain an eRider project or program. This document is not the only
way to go about developing a project but outlines a tested process that has been implemented by a variety of different initiatives throughout the world.

What is eRiding?
eRiding is a model for providing mission-driven technology support for the civil society sector. Services are provided by roving consultants with a wide range of skills including planning, training and technology troubleshooting. The eRider model is designed to deliver personal, flexible and mission-driven expertise at a relatively low cost to the nongovernmental organization (NGO).