101 Baby Boomer FIRSTS
Born between 1946 and 1964, you are the first generation to:

1. Wear disposable diapers
2. Be raised by parents who followed Dr. Spock
3. Watch Saturday morning cartoons
4. Have co-ed college dormitories
5. Own a color television
6. Have a remote control.
7. See partners sleep in the same bed on television
8. Hear profanity on television
9. See televised sports, other than wrestling
10.Listen to FM on the car radio
11.Have a closet full of battery-operated toys
12.Shop for toys in a toy store
13.Become a female police officer, firefighter, or paramedic
14.Go to college on a sport’s scholarship if you were a girl
15.Listen to stereo sound
16.Use a push button telephone
17.Use a portable telephone
18.Subscribe to cable TV
19.Watch videocassette movies
20.Work in an air-conditioned office
21.Send a letter or package Air Mail
22.Travel by jet
23.Get an automatic can opener for a wedding present
24.Use a calculator
25.Bank electronically
26.Eat pizza
27.Eat fruit-flavored yogurt
28.Watch calories
29.Consume sugar substitutes
30.Count cholesterol
31.Wear polyester clothes
32.Grow up with plastic
34.Use two-ply toilet paper
35.Write with a ballpoint pen
36.Call 9-1-1 in any city
37.Get a vasectomy
38.Get breast implants
39.Wear bikini bathing suits
40.Get a legal abortion
41.Wear contact lenses
42.Read a book on tape
43.Get six-month dental check-ups
44.Wear orthodontics for cosmetic purposes
45.Change eye color for cosmetic purposes
46.Wear different sneakers for different sports
47.Use tampons
48.Wear pantyhose
49.Practice birth control by pill
50.Get artificially inseminated
51.Consider genetics in having kids
52.Have designated disabled parking
53.Watch a moon landing on television (or anywhere else, for that matter)
54.Enter the Information Age
55.Fear for the future of the Social Security system
56.Have the Surgeon General’s warning printed on cigarette labels
57.Consciously buy American-made products
58.Diet as an obsession
59.Grow up under the threat of atomic, chemical, or nuclear war
60.Go to a child psychiatrist
61.Talk on a cell phone
62.Regularly use microwave ovens
63.Denounce a war
64.Call air pollution, “smog”
65.Call slums, barrios, and ghettos, the “inner city”
66.Question authority
67.Sue an employer
68.Live beyond one’s means
69.Eat buffalo wings
70.Go snowboarding
71.Ignore the advice of elders
72.Reject unions
73.Receive HMO benefits in the work package
74.Have two paychecks in a family
75.Have credit cards
76.Become aware of global warming
77.Use the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)
78.Get a no-fault divorce
79.Use a computer at work
80.Use a computer mouse
81.Use email
82.Use barcodes in supermarket lines
83.Use the photocopier at work
84.Use Liquid Paper ® in the office
86.Willingly use condoms
87.Call marijuana an “herb”
88.Smoke LSD
89.Buy a condominium
90.Have a heart transplant
91.Worship in a megachurch
92.Vote at age 18
93.Be strapped in a child safety seat
94.Learn to drive using automatic steering
95.Grow up in the suburbs
96.Call “colored” people or “Negroes” black or African American
97.Call people of Hispanic descent, Latinos
98.Support enormous prison expansion
99.Put “burglar bars” on every door and window in the home
100. Question our democratic process
101. Become obsessed with anti-aging

© Valerie Shaw, M.PR

Valerie Shaw, M.PR
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